WHP: Nostalgia

the white project - nostalgia post

Two of my friends from my hometown in Malacca (Malaysia) came to visit Sydney a couple of weeks ago. And they came with gifts.

Nostalgic gifts!

From a few cup noodles that we used to eat during our highschool days, to childhood snacks and even some paper lanterns for the Moon Cake festival month!

About a week later after they left, I received a postcard in the mail, reminding me the days we spent going out and also the nights we spent having catch ups and deep talks. I don’t do this very often but somehow it felt good to have nice conversations with old pals. đŸ™‚

It also feels different when you get to talk in comfort and not having to think about what time it is because it’s getting late and you have to leave to go home soon.

Thanks for coming guys! Come back again next time or maybe we’ll meet somewhere in between for a holiday!

the white project - nostalgia post

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