Peace Lilies

peace lily the white project

the white project peace lilies

I bought a peace lily plant quite some time ago thinking that it will help with the air and also absorb some moisture from my apartment. I had actually research quite a bit about plants that are good for the home and for helping with “cleaning” the air as well as absorb moisture and prevent mold…

The peace lily plant seems to be the nicest looking and easiest to maintain. There’s no need for much water or direct light which is good for me since I keep forgetting to water it or move it to a sunny spot in my place.

When I first brought it home, it really grew and there were so many flowers popping out that made me really happy thinking that woah, do I have green fingers or what! This plant is seriously EASY TO HAVE! I am pretty sure at one point I had more than 10 of the lilies growing at the same time. The leaves were growing really well too. Looking very green and healthy.

peace lily plant

Then came a few months later, where I do not have any more peace lilies growing. Just… green leaves. And then I thought, shit.. did I kill the plant? It is still growing healthily though. The leaves are still very green but there’s just no flowers. Maybe it’s off season?

Then came one day where I have ONE lily growing! OK! It’s not dead!

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peace lily the white project

I’m guessing that when I first bought the plant from Bunnings, they must have added some fertiliser or something to make the plant grow at it’s full potential. Now that there is no more fertiliser, it’s just there growing leaves instead of any more lilies for now. I’ll need to find some time to re-pot and add some fertiliser in it. Maybe it’ll start to bloom again then.

I’m hoping to see more of those lilies growing again. Then I’ll be able to cut them and use it as deco for my future pictures 🙂

Are you a plant lover or have any tips for my peace lilies? Let me know in the comment below.

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