Instagram Tips: How To Draft / Delete Draft


I’m not too sure whether there are many people who actually use the draft feature but I guess there would be quite a lot since users have been requesting for it before it was even available. I personally don’t use it very often since I usually post my pictures when I am free. Usually the picture taking would be from a while ago, and when I’m free I’ll edit a picture (or 3 pictures together since I’m trying to keep a 3 piece theme) and post it right after editing.

If you’re like me, new to this drafting thingyĀ on Instagram. Let’s have a look and learn something new today. I actually just found out on how to delete a draft not too long ago šŸ˜›

To draft your image, it’s really easy.

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what i wore - outfit

ootd outfit

These pictures go way back toā€¦ probably the end of 2015.

I donā€™t take many outfit pictures that often. Reason for it is because I am usually pretty shy and I really donā€™t know how to pose for the camera. I get even more shy when there are people around and if I have to pose for a long time. I can do a 5 seconds pose. Anything longer than thatā€¦ is pretty much a no-go and it will look quite unnatural. Unless I was shot candidly. Like these shots. *thumbs up to the photographer* šŸ˜‰


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Passing through The Rocks

Yesterday afternoon we walked pass The Rocks to get lunch before heading to The Cutaway for Sydney Festival’s The Beach. After lunch, we were passing through the some steps and I heard someone singing. The voice was really familiar. As I walked to the top, I saw Mark Wilkinson!


mark wilkinson at the rocks


You may have heard his music in one of the Nescafe ads some time back.

Let me see whether I can find a youtube video of it.

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2016/2017 NYE Fireworks

Sydney NYE Fireworks from Waverton

On most summer months throughout the years I’ve been in Sydney, I am usually away during the xmas/ny period. It’s usually the long summer breaks from uni or I was on leave since the office is closed for the holidays.

I feel that I missed out on the NYE celebrations whenĀ I was a student. Where you have friends who were up for pretty much anything. Up for camping the whole day, under the sun, in a crowded spot, waiting… for the countdown and fireworks. Now that we’re older, most people wouldn’t want to waste their time sitting around for hours wasting time. And to some, “it’s just fireworks, might as well just turn on the TV”.

Sydney has some really grand fireworks over the years and I always told myself that one day, I want to be here to watch the fireworks. I want to experience the feel of NYE in Sydney. And in 2016, I managed to do just that.

My ideal choice would be somewhere in the city like the Opera House area or Mrs Macquarie’s chair. But, thoseĀ areas are the hot spots and I heard that people have been camping there from the night before. So maybe a different spot would be better. And so we went… to Waverton.

This is my view during the day. I took a timelapse while waiting. (If you’ve been following me on instagram, you probably have seen pictures of this spot already).


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the white project reading

Reading isn’t one of my favourite past times. I know a lot of people who loves to read and maybe you are one of them too. I do scan and read articles quite a lot on a daily basis but I can hardly ever take a book and just finish it within days like how some people do.

This particular book in the picture, I took about 2-3 years to actually finish the book. I am pretty sure I started reading it about 2 to 3 years back and there are so many times that I open it up, read a few chaps and that’s it – at the corner collecting dusts. I think I only have a handful of books that I’ve read from the start to the end.

Really need to start finishing up my books this year. So far, I’ve done 1!

And that’s the book – The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom.

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Hello 2017. Let’s Dance


Every now and then, I have the urge to blog. And yes, I had blogsĀ before which IĀ stoppedĀ blogging on them. Yeap, blogs. There’s more than one.

Every now and then I’ll find a new platform to try on, or find someĀ interesting bloggers where I wish I could write or take pictures as good as them (they are my inspirations).

The problem is, I tend to abandon them after a while.

  1. Because I don’t think I have a good writing skills
  2. Because I’m boring and there’s nothing interesting to blog about
  3. Because I feel that I’ll end upĀ repeating the same pictures even though it’s different (I have a whole lot of pictures of The Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House)

And there will be many other reasons. Hence, the lost of interest.

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