TWP: Big Present

twp big present

Here’s a big present for a little boy. Well, it’s actually not that big to begin with but wrapping a box where you use pretty much the whole wrapping paper is considered big right? Looks pretty big in the picture too with those small toys 😉

Happy Birthday to the little boy. Sorry it’s not a toy for you to play with, it’s just a jacket to keep you warm and make you look cool hehe 😛

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Q on Harris

brunch at q on harris

From time to time, it is always nice to call your friends out and catch up over a meal. Whether it is for dinner or lunch or anything in between. Meeting up to catch up is actually quite healthy for the relationship rather than always conversing over the phone/internet. It’s great that with the internet, one can contact another anywhere in the world! But since we all have friends in that are living not too far away, why not catch up over a meal? Everyone needs to eat too right?

Here are some photos that I took from one of my meet ups with a group of friends.

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Warm Red Autumn

what i wore sayinghello


Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn. – Marilyn Monroe

Here’s a throwback photo of what I wore which I feel matches the quote above. I found the quote online while googling for autumn quotes to post up with an image. Found this rather interesting one and though I’d share it here 🙂

What I Wore

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TWP: Alphabets

The white project alphabets

I bought these rounded alphabets from Typo a long time ago. Back when Market City still had the Typo shop in the building. That particular shop was by far the best typo shop I’ve been to. The reason for saying that is because whenever I was there, there were so many nice and great items on sale! For example these rounded can of alphabets!

I can’t find these alphabets in store anymore. Not sure where else sells them actually. It can be quite troublesome to come up with phrases or words that I want to use for photoshoots but only to realise that there are not enough of some alphabets.

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Things I See While Walking #3

things I see while walking

Here’s Things I See While Walking #3.

This picture was taken on my walk to work in the morning. Almost everyday, there will be a bunch of birds all lined up on that line. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I wonder what do the birds do on the line every day? Are they up there catching up with the rest? Or are they just people watching…

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May – It’s Autumn season!

May its autumn

Did you guys noticed how time flew by so quickly? It’s already May 2017! We’re in the 5th month of the year and it feels like just not too long ago, we just started 2017. Why is it that as we get older, time is flying by us much faster? Or at least that’s what I’m feeling.

Is it because of our everyday routine life of work-home-work-home that goes on and on and on?

Browsing Instagram is making me feel very dissatisfied with my life. Everything is so routine and boring, while every thing I see on instagram are people on holidays and adventure, buying new things (clothing, gadgets etc). I really want a bit of that.

So I try to make myself feel a little more satisfied with my life by trying to go somewhere or do something near by. Whether it’s out brunching, or out at some rock cliffs just 15-20 mins drive away, at least it’s a change of scenery right?

Anyways, it’s now May. It’s autumn season!

I don’t see many brown leaves dropping that much yet over here at the moment. It could be the weather change since it hasn’t really been that cold yet this year. But it’s finally starting to…

I really want to head over to the Blue Mountains and take some pictures of the autumn season soon. Hopefully when we’re free to do so, the leaves have not fully fallen yet. If I don’t get the chance to, maybe I’ll blog some of my photos from last year instead.

Here’s a picture of my last year’s trip to Mount Wilson, Blue Mountain, taken in May 2016.

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TWP: Ranunculus

ranunculus flowers

My current favourite flowers since my birthday last year is the Ranunculus. I found this bunch of dark red ranunculus from Petal Met Sugar. They look so pretty. I managed to get a free white poppy flower from another flower store on that special day too.

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Things I See While Walking #2

things i see while walking #2

Here’s a shot of the sunset from my walks home after work. Now that winter is coming, the sun sets pretty early. This photo was taken at 5.50PM and it’s already starting to get dark as the sun has already set. I sometimes wish that the days could be longer during autumn/winter. It feels like the days has ended when you finish work and come out to see that it’s already dark outside. Whenever it’s still bright and sunny, it makes you feel as though there’s still time to do so much!

This picture was taken today actually. I rarely post anything this current on the blog. But since I’m already trying to come up with some content and pictures to blog, I may as well add this one in since it’s today.

Did anyone notice the sudden drop of temp today? It got cold really fast. It’s usually between 18-23 degrees lately but today it suddenly dropped to 14!!

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