iPhone X

iPhone X purchase thank you


Earlier today, I just bought myself the new iPhone X. And I think I just burn a hole in my bank account. This is by far one of the most expensive thing I’ve spent on myself… and I really hope it’s worth it.

I’ve never actually bought a new gen phone right when it came out before. This will be my first. In the past, all my phones that I bought or signed up through the plans from the telcos were┬ároughly a few months after the phone was out. And usually by that time, most of the bugs were already fixed by then and there were good reviews (maybe more of nothing bad reviews). Plus, not much can go wrong right when the phones are pretty similar to the gen before right?

This time though, it’s gonna be like I have a whole brand new phone with new interface. No more home button, no more touch ID, no more swipe ups for playing music/turn on wifi etc. This will be a change for sure. I really hope this phone is worth it for the price since it’s getting more and more expensive.

One of my main reason to get the phone is for the camera.I’ve seen pictures from the iPhone 7plus and they are great! So good that after seeing the pictures taken, I don’t feel like taking anymore cause my pictures feels not good enough. Maybe that’s why I’m slacking behind on my photos these last few months >.<

I do home that I can take better photos with the new iPhone and also sell them at a better price since the quality will be better. Maybe I can sort of cover back the cost of my phone ­čÖé One can always dream right? Hehe..

Anyways, what do you think of the new iPhone X?

iPhone X purchase thank you

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