Hello again.

I’m testing whether the WordPress app lets me load up videos without having to upload through YouTube which I used to do. So much easier to just get things done over the phone these days…

Just found out a few awesome apps to use and it made me feel like creating some content again for my blog!

I know… I’m such a bad blogger who doesn’t update. Haha. But who cares. It’s not like there’s anyone who is interested in what I post here anyway. Otherwise I would have gotten messages from people asking me about it 😂

Anyhoo, let’s try this again since I’m paying for my domain. It’s not like this is free… 😏

Here’s a little video I made with an app called Jane and shared it on my Instagram Stories.


Went around and did a little furniture “window” shopping if there is such a thing over the weekend.

I’ve been getting quite a number of ads from Matt Blatt and thought maybe we can go and check them out. Didn’t know that they have quite a number of quirky stuff! 😂

There were quite a number of animal statues there that were quite fun and funny to look at.

Anyway, will end here for now.

Til the next post!

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