Curl Curl Beach

curl curl beach sayinghello

Close to three months back, we went for brunch somewhere in the north. And since we were already in the north, we took an impromptu drive up to Curl Curl beach. I’ve never been there before and it was nice to explore parts of Sydney that I’ve never been before even though I wasn’t dressed for the beach. It is a really nice beach with big waves and an outdoor beach pool and there were actually not many people around that day. I’m guessing that the cold weather was why there were not that many people around. The weather was still pretty cold in mid September, even though it was already Spring time.

Not sure what’s up with the weather this year, but do you notice that the weather has been pretty crazy lately? It feels like there’s been a shift in the weather season.

Anyway, back to Curl Curl beach.. here are the photos I managed to took and also some photos of my ootd that day 🙂

curl curl beach curl curl beach pool curl curl beachcurl curl beach sayinghello curl curl beach ootdcurl curl sayinghello ootd curl curl sayinghello

We also went to one of the near by cliffs around Curl Curl before the beach. Didn’t spend too much time there since it was windy.

I really can’t wait for summer to come so that I can start wearing shorts out more often. I feel like I have way too many summer wear that needs to be worn! lol ;p



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