TWP: Glass Dome from Ikea

home decor the white project

Went to IKEA the other day to walk around and to get some things. Bought a trolley storage for home so that I can moved my snacks and vitamins over from the kitchen counter and make more room for uploading groceries.

While walking around I also came across this little glass dome which I couldn’t take my eyes off. Instantly after seeing it, I was like “I want that! I can put my fairy lights in there!”

And tadahhh, I obviously bought it! Now it’s part of my night lamp next to my bed and occasional living room decor when I feel like it 🙂

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TWP: Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day again!

So far I’ve seen quite a number of people holding flowers in their hands. And most of them were men.. buying for their significant other 🙂

Here’s a cookie I received on Valentine’s Day last year.

true love biscuit

It’s a True Love ginger bread cookie from Brickfields. Not my fav since I don’t like ginger, but it does look pretty for a photo! 😛

Here’s another Valentine’s Day prop shoot that I did a couple of days ago. Just so that I have content to post on this very day for my White Project 🙂

happy valentine's day 2018

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Peace Lilies

peace lily the white project

the white project peace lilies

I bought a peace lily plant quite some time ago thinking that it will help with the air and also absorb some moisture from my apartment. I had actually research quite a bit about plants that are good for the home and for helping with “cleaning” the air as well as absorb moisture and prevent mold…

The peace lily plant seems to be the nicest looking and easiest to maintain. There’s no need for much water or direct light which is good for me since I keep forgetting to water it or move it to a sunny spot in my place.

When I first brought it home, it really grew and there were so many flowers popping out that made me really happy thinking that woah, do I have green fingers or what! This plant is seriously EASY TO HAVE! I am pretty sure at one point I had more than 10 of the lilies growing at the same time. The leaves were growing really well too. Looking very green and healthy.

peace lily plant

Then came a few months later, where I do not have any more peace lilies growing. Just… green leaves. And then I thought, shit.. did I kill the plant? It is still growing healthily though. The leaves are still very green but there’s just no flowers. Maybe it’s off season?

Then came one day where I have ONE lily growing! OK! It’s not dead!

(if you’re reading this from the homepage, click continue reading to read more!)

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WHP: Nostalgia

the white project - nostalgia post

Two of my friends from my hometown in Malacca (Malaysia) came to visit Sydney a couple of weeks ago. And they came with gifts.

Nostalgic gifts!

From a few cup noodles that we used to eat during our highschool days, to childhood snacks and even some paper lanterns for the Moon Cake festival month!

About a week later after they left, I received a postcard in the mail, reminding me the days we spent going out and also the nights we spent having catch ups and deep talks. I don’t do this very often but somehow it felt good to have nice conversations with old pals. 🙂

It also feels different when you get to talk in comfort and not having to think about what time it is because it’s getting late and you have to leave to go home soon.

Thanks for coming guys! Come back again next time or maybe we’ll meet somewhere in between for a holiday!

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TWP: Lazy Days

So I’m really back dated with my posts. I know I said that I’ll be posting more soon but I ended up being lazy and side tracked with mobile phone games, people visiting, watching tv shows and movies.

In the last few months, basically since the start of winter, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time playing Tsum Tsum (click here for iOS and here for Android). I’ve also spent quite a lot of time binge watching tv shows.

Since we signed up for Netflix in June, I have watched the complete season of Girlboss, The Crown, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and season 1 of Daredevil. Currently watching – Daredevil season 2 and Limitless. On top of that, I’m also watching Game of Thrones which is not on Netflix. Once I’m done with Daredevil, the next series to catch up on is The Defenders. Anyone watching any of those shows that I just mentioned?

Anyway, here’s a picture of some tea that I had a while back. Seems fitting for the Lazy Days title of this post ;P

tea and paper flowers

These paper daisy flowers are actually quite nice to have. The last quite a while before everything starts to wither. Even when it does wither, some of the colors are still there! I’m gonna try buy these flowers again the next time I see them.

It’s 1.06AM at the moment. So I’m gonna stop here and call it a night.

Good night!


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TWP: Snail Mail

It’s not often that I get mails from my friends. Until this last two years, I seem to be getting quite a few surprises in the mail! Ok, maybe not all of them are surprises since they had given me a heads up that there’s something coming or they’ll be asking because it’s been quite a while since they have sent it and there was still no news from me. I really don’t know why AusPost always takes so long to process and deliver personal mails.

My most recent little parcel from a friend came in a month ago. And it consist of a little warm message plus a few gifts 🙂

snail mail


It’s a nice feeling to receive a snail mail from time to time 🙂

Thanks for the gift!



—   —

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TWP: Fallen Flowers – Peonies

the white project fallen flowers

I posted these photos on my second Instagram account where all my white project photos are on. If you haven’t followed it yet, click on the link and follow! Leave a comment and say HI! I’d be happy to respond 🙂

These photos were taken from ages ago actually. Since the start of the year. I bought the peonies during the Christmas week and these photos were taken the week after – when the peonies were already withering. They sure don’t last very long… but they are so beautiful when they blossom.

the white project glasshouse candle

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TWP: Henri Cartier Bresson Flatlay

henri cartier bresson flatlay

“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.” ― Henri Cartier-Bresson


Henri Cartier Bresson.

Have you heard of him? He’s a great street photographer. In fact, according to Wiki, he’s the one who pioneered the genre of street photography. If you love street photography and you have not heard of him, I recommend that you google up and take a look at some of his photos. They are pretty inspiring even for me (a person who is not into street photography). If you prefer to see his work not on a screen, head over to a bookstore and look out for his book. I know Kinokuniya has a copy.


henri cartier bresson flatlay

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TWP: Big Present

twp big present

Here’s a big present for a little boy. Well, it’s actually not that big to begin with but wrapping a box where you use pretty much the whole wrapping paper is considered big right? Looks pretty big in the picture too with those small toys 😉

Happy Birthday to the little boy. Sorry it’s not a toy for you to play with, it’s just a jacket to keep you warm and make you look cool hehe 😛

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TWP: Alphabets

The white project alphabets

I bought these rounded alphabets from Typo a long time ago. Back when Market City still had the Typo shop in the building. That particular shop was by far the best typo shop I’ve been to. The reason for saying that is because whenever I was there, there were so many nice and great items on sale! For example these rounded can of alphabets!

I can’t find these alphabets in store anymore. Not sure where else sells them actually. It can be quite troublesome to come up with phrases or words that I want to use for photoshoots but only to realise that there are not enough of some alphabets.

[click on ‘continue reading’ to find out what letters that I’m short of]

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