Chinese New Year in Sydney

cny in sydney - red opera house

I’m not sure when it started but from what I gathered, every Chinese New Year, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge will light up in red. It’s actually quite a nice change in scene. There’s also the 12 zodiac sculptures lightings spread out around Sydney city for people to come by and have a look and also take photos of them.

On the first day of Chinese New Year this year, we went over to Circular Quay hoping to catch the fireworks.

Unfortunately, we were not standing at the right place to watch the fireworks and it was really disappointing. The usual place that we would usually go to would be the Overseas Terminal to catch the fireworks but there was a big cruise ship docking over there so we couldn’t get there.

waiting for fireworks sydney opera house

So we stood in front of MCA thinking that we could see the fireworks above the Opera House, but nope, the fireworks were too low and everything was blocked by the Opera House. The only thing that we can see is some light popping behind it. It was such a disappointment. Pretty sure a whole lot of people were disappointed too. I saw so many people waiting at Circular Quay station “booking” their spot and waiting for the fireworks and from that view, you really can’t see much at all too.

Anyway, here are some photos from my first day of Chinese New Year in Sydney. There were no house visits to go to but at least there is some celebration going on here and that I also managed to snap a few good photos of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House 🙂

sydney cny red harbour bridgesydney opera house and boat sydney opera house double reflectionsydney opera house chinese new year in sydney harbour bridgechinese new year in sydney rooster chinese new year pigs chinese new year in sydney tiger cny lanterns

Have you gone out and see what’s going on for Chinese New Year? Let me know which one you like best!

*All images posted here were taking with the Fujifilm X100s and editing with VSCO.
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Curl Curl Beach

curl curl beach sayinghello

Close to three months back, we went for brunch somewhere in the north. And since we were already in the north, we took an impromptu drive up to Curl Curl beach. I’ve never been there before and it was nice to explore parts of Sydney that I’ve never been before even though I wasn’t dressed for the beach. It is a really nice beach with big waves and an outdoor beach pool and there were actually not many people around that day. I’m guessing that the cold weather was why there were not that many people around. The weather was still pretty cold in mid September, even though it was already Spring time.

Not sure what’s up with the weather this year, but do you notice that the weather has been pretty crazy lately? It feels like there’s been a shift in the weather season.

Anyway, back to Curl Curl beach.. here are the photos I managed to took and also some photos of my ootd that day 🙂

curl curl beach curl curl beach pool curl curl beachcurl curl beach sayinghello curl curl beach ootdcurl curl sayinghello ootd curl curl sayinghello

We also went to one of the near by cliffs around Curl Curl before the beach. Didn’t spend too much time there since it was windy.

I really can’t wait for summer to come so that I can start wearing shorts out more often. I feel like I have way too many summer wear that needs to be worn! lol ;p



What I Wore 


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Jacaranda Season

backphoto jacaranda street

It’s the Jacaranda purple flowers season again!

I actually thought I had blogged about this before but after going through my old posts, I just realised I only added the photo in for my profile photo but I didn’t actually post any of the other photos up!

If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about (heh.. what purple flowers???)

The purple flowers I meant are from the Jacaranda trees. It blooms around this time every year and there are a number of streets in Sydney that has them. Actually, there are a lot of them. You just need to know where to find them and also where has enough to make the street look good.

Last year, we went to a couple of places around Sydney to take some pictures of the jacaranda trees and here are some of the photos.

Here are some shots from:

Oxford Street, Paddington.

jacaranda treesjacaranda trees paddingtonjacaranda - purple flowerslook up purple flowersoxford street jacaranda sunsetpaddington oxford street sunset


McDougall Street, Kirribilli

Jacaranda McDougall StreetJacaranda McDougall Streetbackphoto jacaranda street selfie jacaranda backgroud sayinghello jacaranda streetjacaranda kirribilli


Telopea Street, Redfern

jacaranda surry hillsjacaranda surry hillsjacaranda surry hills


Do you know anywhere else that has a street full of jacaranda trees and would be a great place to take photos of? Feel free to suggest some so that I can check them out this year or for next year! 🙂



What I Wore (McDougall Street)

  • Top from Bangkok
  • Skirt from Supre
  • Backpack from Dotti
  • Flats from Summit
  • Fujifilm X100S Camera


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Autumn Pictures Part 2 – Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Hello hello!

I’m back with the second part of my autumn pictures that was taken this year from the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens. Since it was a last minute one day trip, there was not enough time to go through the whole Botanic Garden over there. But I think we managed to cover half of the place? And managed to take some pretty good photos too.

blue mountains botanic garden nature photography sayinghello nature photo sayinghello autumn season at blue mountains botanic garden blue mountains botanic garden autumn season orange leaves blue mountains botanic garden nature in autumn autumn plants


From a slightly moody scene to a little brighter and warmer feel.

yellow leaves autumn season autumn season at blue mountains botanic garden blue mountains botanic garden little house blurr focus little house focused autumn blue mountains botanic garden autumn season


Which photos do you like best?

If you’d like to follow and keep up to date with my current photos and shenanigans, please follow my instagram @sayinghello 🙂


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Autumn Pictures Part 1 – Blackheath

It’s the first of September!! Spring time!

Winter has come and gone and I still have not posted any of my autumn pictures from this year! I’m two seasons away!! >.<

I went on a day trip to the Blue Mountains sometime back in… May. And here are some shots from one of the housing areas in Blackheath. I really love the colors here. Especially when the sun shines through the leaves. How beautiful is nature!

autumn leaves autumn leaves autumn leaves autumn in blue mountain autumn leaves autumn in blue mountain autumn flaylayautumn ootd


What do you think? Which is your favourite season?

This is only part one of my Autumn pictures. I have another one coming which I took from the Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens. I’ll be posting them soon-ish.



What I Wore



Autumn Pictures Part 2 is up! Click on the underlined to get to the post!



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Things I See While Walking #3

things I see while walking

Here’s Things I See While Walking #3.

This picture was taken on my walk to work in the morning. Almost everyday, there will be a bunch of birds all lined up on that line. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I wonder what do the birds do on the line every day? Are they up there catching up with the rest? Or are they just people watching…

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Things I See While Walking #2

things i see while walking #2

Here’s a shot of the sunset from my walks home after work. Now that winter is coming, the sun sets pretty early. This photo was taken at 5.50PM and it’s already starting to get dark as the sun has already set. I sometimes wish that the days could be longer during autumn/winter. It feels like the days has ended when you finish work and come out to see that it’s already dark outside. Whenever it’s still bright and sunny, it makes you feel as though there’s still time to do so much!

This picture was taken today actually. I rarely post anything this current on the blog. But since I’m already trying to come up with some content and pictures to blog, I may as well add this one in since it’s today.

Did anyone notice the sudden drop of temp today? It got cold really fast. It’s usually between 18-23 degrees lately but today it suddenly dropped to 14!!

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Things I See While Walking #1

Things I See While Walking - Beetle

I think I’m going to start a new hashtag for this. I sort of stole the idea from my sister with her things i see while walking hashtag (#thingsiseewhilewalking) quite some times ago and I have been posting quite a number of photos on my Instagram with that hashtag. Since I walk to and from work on every work day and I also walk to certain places here and there besides work, I have come across some really nice scenes that I thought was interesting to share.

Here’s my #shthingsiseewhilewalking post number 1.

This shot was taken somewhere in Redfern. The first time I walked pass and noticed the beetle right in the center between the walls was the day that I was rushing to work. I wanted to stop and take a photo but I couldn’t. Luckily, when I walked pass a few days later, the little beetle was still there at the exact same spot! And what’s even better was that the cars that parked in front and behind the beetle was not too close!

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