Year’s Best – Best of Nine

Best of Nine photos

It’s already the 14th day of 2018! Time’s going by way too quickly. I can’t believe my 2 weeks break has come and gone. And I’ve already been back to work for a week. Even with the two weeks break from work, it sure doesn’t feel like it’s long enough.

Anyway, back to the topic of the blog, here are a couple best of nine photos that I’ve taken and posted on Instagram.
Thank you for all the love and support. <3

@sayinghello best of nine 2017

sayinghello best of nine 2017


@sayinghello best of nine 2016

sayinghello best of nine 2016

@_thewhiteproject_ best of nine 2017

the white project best of nine 2017


@_thewhiteproject_ best of nine 2016

the white project best of nine 2016


I realised that my sayinghello account’s 2017 best of nine has quite a number of food photos compared to my 2016’s best of nine. Six out of nine photos from 2017 were about food or the cafes that I’ve visited. Whereas in 2016, my photos were mostly from exploring and going out. I’ve also noticed that I’ve posted less in 2017. I think I’m getting a little lazy this last year on postings. Should really buck up and start posting a little more often than before.

So stay tune and follow my insta accounts for more! 🙂

Oh, and also…


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iPhone X

iPhone X purchase thank you


Earlier today, I just bought myself the new iPhone X. And I think I just burn a hole in my bank account. This is by far one of the most expensive thing I’ve spent on myself… and I really hope it’s worth it.

I’ve never actually bought a new gen phone right when it came out before. This will be my first. In the past, all my phones that I bought or signed up through the plans from the telcos were roughly a few months after the phone was out. And usually by that time, most of the bugs were already fixed by then and there were good reviews (maybe more of nothing bad reviews). Plus, not much can go wrong right when the phones are pretty similar to the gen before right?

This time though, it’s gonna be like I have a whole brand new phone with new interface. No more home button, no more touch ID, no more swipe ups for playing music/turn on wifi etc. This will be a change for sure. I really hope this phone is worth it for the price since it’s getting more and more expensive.

One of my main reason to get the phone is for the camera.I’ve seen pictures from the iPhone 7plus and they are great! So good that after seeing the pictures taken, I don’t feel like taking anymore cause my pictures feels not good enough. Maybe that’s why I’m slacking behind on my photos these last few months >.<

I do home that I can take better photos with the new iPhone and also sell them at a better price since the quality will be better. Maybe I can sort of cover back the cost of my phone 🙂 One can always dream right? Hehe..

Anyways, what do you think of the new iPhone X?

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WHP: Nostalgia

the white project - nostalgia post

Two of my friends from my hometown in Malacca (Malaysia) came to visit Sydney a couple of weeks ago. And they came with gifts.

Nostalgic gifts!

From a few cup noodles that we used to eat during our highschool days, to childhood snacks and even some paper lanterns for the Moon Cake festival month!

About a week later after they left, I received a postcard in the mail, reminding me the days we spent going out and also the nights we spent having catch ups and deep talks. I don’t do this very often but somehow it felt good to have nice conversations with old pals. 🙂

It also feels different when you get to talk in comfort and not having to think about what time it is because it’s getting late and you have to leave to go home soon.

Thanks for coming guys! Come back again next time or maybe we’ll meet somewhere in between for a holiday!

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TWP: Snail Mail

It’s not often that I get mails from my friends. Until this last two years, I seem to be getting quite a few surprises in the mail! Ok, maybe not all of them are surprises since they had given me a heads up that there’s something coming or they’ll be asking because it’s been quite a while since they have sent it and there was still no news from me. I really don’t know why AusPost always takes so long to process and deliver personal mails.

My most recent little parcel from a friend came in a month ago. And it consist of a little warm message plus a few gifts 🙂

snail mail


It’s a nice feeling to receive a snail mail from time to time 🙂

Thanks for the gift!



—   —

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More posts coming..

I know I haven’t been posting much this month. So far the only posts I’ve been posting are my white projects.

I’m currently transferring my pictures over to my computer and will sort them out soon. Once I’ve done that, I’ll start posting up more pictures and properly blogging again.

Stay tune alright… more posts coming over to the blog soon.

Here’s a picture of a cute doggy for now. And thanks for stopping by!



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TWP: Alphabets

The white project alphabets

I bought these rounded alphabets from Typo a long time ago. Back when Market City still had the Typo shop in the building. That particular shop was by far the best typo shop I’ve been to. The reason for saying that is because whenever I was there, there were so many nice and great items on sale! For example these rounded can of alphabets!

I can’t find these alphabets in store anymore. Not sure where else sells them actually. It can be quite troublesome to come up with phrases or words that I want to use for photoshoots but only to realise that there are not enough of some alphabets.

[click on ‘continue reading’ to find out what letters that I’m short of]

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May – It’s Autumn season!

May its autumn

Did you guys noticed how time flew by so quickly? It’s already May 2017! We’re in the 5th month of the year and it feels like just not too long ago, we just started 2017. Why is it that as we get older, time is flying by us much faster? Or at least that’s what I’m feeling.

Is it because of our everyday routine life of work-home-work-home that goes on and on and on?

Browsing Instagram is making me feel very dissatisfied with my life. Everything is so routine and boring, while every thing I see on instagram are people on holidays and adventure, buying new things (clothing, gadgets etc). I really want a bit of that.

So I try to make myself feel a little more satisfied with my life by trying to go somewhere or do something near by. Whether it’s out brunching, or out at some rock cliffs just 15-20 mins drive away, at least it’s a change of scenery right?

Anyways, it’s now May. It’s autumn season!

I don’t see many brown leaves dropping that much yet over here at the moment. It could be the weather change since it hasn’t really been that cold yet this year. But it’s finally starting to…

I really want to head over to the Blue Mountains and take some pictures of the autumn season soon. Hopefully when we’re free to do so, the leaves have not fully fallen yet. If I don’t get the chance to, maybe I’ll blog some of my photos from last year instead.

Here’s a picture of my last year’s trip to Mount Wilson, Blue Mountain, taken in May 2016.

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My Mobile Workspace – The Macbook

white macbook

It is so easy to move around your home when you’re using a laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that desktops are bad but sometimes don’t you just wish you can move around when you need to do some work or browse the net… not only at home but else where too.

I haven’t used my Macbook for almost a year since the charger was broken. And since I am using the old Macbook (which is still in good condition even though it is about 8 years old!), I didn’t think that Apple would still be selling the charger for this model and even if they did, I’m pretty sure it won’t be cheap. Luckily my sister used to use the same Macbook model and now that she doesn’t use it anymore, I took over her charger and brought it back with me after my trip home!

Now I can pretty much browse and go online anywhere in the house again!

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Black & Green

sayinghello ootd wiw

Another throwback of what I wore quite some time back. I don’t dress up very often and I find that most of my nice clothing are being kept in the cupboard and are hardly ever worn. I should try and dress up every now and then. Maybe I should take more OOTDs? Problem is that I always get too lazy to dress up especially on weekends since I don’t really do much. Or maybe I should make more plans and go out more often…

Here’s a picture that was taken in Darlinghurst last year, right new to a bottle shop. Thought it would be a good shot since I blend in with the wall! lol.


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Hello 2017. Let’s Dance


Every now and then, I have the urge to blog. And yes, I had blogs before which I stopped blogging on them. Yeap, blogs. There’s more than one.

Every now and then I’ll find a new platform to try on, or find some interesting bloggers where I wish I could write or take pictures as good as them (they are my inspirations).

The problem is, I tend to abandon them after a while.

  1. Because I don’t think I have a good writing skills
  2. Because I’m boring and there’s nothing interesting to blog about
  3. Because I feel that I’ll end up repeating the same pictures even though it’s different (I have a whole lot of pictures of The Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House)

And there will be many other reasons. Hence, the lost of interest.

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