Year’s Best – Best of Nine

Best of Nine photos

It’s already the 14th day of 2018! Time’s going by way too quickly. I can’t believe my 2 weeks break has come and gone. And I’ve already been back to work for a week. Even with the two weeks break from work, it sure doesn’t feel like it’s long enough.

Anyway, back to the topic of the blog, here are a couple best of nine photos that I’ve taken and posted on Instagram.
Thank you for all the love and support. <3

@sayinghello best of nine 2017

sayinghello best of nine 2017


@sayinghello best of nine 2016

sayinghello best of nine 2016

@_thewhiteproject_ best of nine 2017

the white project best of nine 2017


@_thewhiteproject_ best of nine 2016

the white project best of nine 2016


I realised that my sayinghello account’s 2017 best of nine has quite a number of food photos compared┬áto┬ámy 2016’s best of nine. Six out of nine photos from 2017 were about food or the cafes that I’ve visited. Whereas in 2016, my photos were mostly from exploring and going out. I’ve also noticed that I’ve posted less in 2017. I think I’m getting a little lazy┬áthis last year on postings. Should really buck up and start posting a little more often than before.

So stay tune and follow my insta accounts for more! ­čÖé

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